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Let’s face it…parenting is not always easy.  Sometimes it seems a next to impossible task to consistently get your child to be nice to others, share, follow a consistent schedule and adhere to simple requests and instructions.  Losing your temper, resorting to yelling and controlling behaviors can become the all too common norm and fall back parenting behaviors.

There is a better approach.  Positive Parenting (also referred to as positive discipline) means gently, positively guiding your children to help them develop better behaviors.  Positive Parenting is a better approach than the “because I told you to do it” authoritarian approach to parenting.

Positive parenting helps develop positive behaviors, better communication between parent and child, closer relationships, mental health and overall happiness.

Amy McCready, a parenting educator, and positive parenting expert shares many positive parenting solutions parents can use when facing common parenting situations – getting your child to sleep, eliminating swearing, sibling bullying, controlling chaos and many other topics.  Amy McCready shares some great solutions in these videos.

You may also want to visit Amy’s website and YouTube channel for additional tips and resources.