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An important safety event that takes place on a regular basis in every child care business is a “fire drill.”   Each childcare center must have an evaluation plan for all children and staff. Each year when fire or smoke requires a child care facility or school be evaluated – hundreds if not thousands of children and employees are saved.

To protect your children and all family members, you should also have a home fire escape plan and have your own “fire drill” at least twice each year to make sure everyone knows what to do and where to meet outside the home after evacuating.  The National Fire Protection Association provides many great resources to help parents design fire escape plan for their home.  We have provided a link to the NFPA’s – Home Fire Escape Plan below.

Turn this into a family activity having all adults and children contribute to the development of your home fire escape plan, schedule escape drills and make suggestions for improvement.  A small amount of time spent each year can ensure your entire family gets out safely.